June 24, 2018

Heat Training (Peachtree Week -1.5)

Gorgeous Views from Coyote Hills Park
First, TMI, but seriously, artichokes apparently have enough soluble fiber as well as other natural digestive properties that they should come with a gastric warning.  I do not recommend them as a treat for dinner the night before a long run in the heat (Even if they are in season and look delicious at the farmer's market!).  If you do make this mistake, I hope you are lucky like me, and there are many bathrooms and patient friends with you on your long run...

The plan was 10 miles.  The actuality was 1 mile, then a bathroom stop, 3 more miles to the next bathroom, then some walking in the opposite direction while your running buddy keeps running, then more running, then (unfortunately) another bathroom stop, eventually 8 miles total with 6 running and 2 walking.  Not the planned for 10 miles long running -- 2 miles short, including an extra 2 miles walked, not run. Not the workout I'd hoped for.  But possibly the same time in the heat on my feet as I'd originally planned, and at a minimum a very decent heat workout to prep for Peachtree, particularly given the gastric details.

After the run Jen and I went for delicious spicy beef noodle soup and it was amazing!

I ate as much as I could for lunch.
I had leftovers for E & me to 
have noodle soup dinner with a vegetable side the next night!

The week was great -- 20ish miles.  Plus also another 30 minutes of insane jumprope 1:30/1:30 calisthenics workout and 4+ gardening hours in 90F+ heat.

Leftover sausage and ribeye makes amazing Bolognese...

Also, I sincerely enjoyed cooking healthy meals at home.

Fergola salad with homemade hummus and spicy sauce.
I took a solid walking photo break in Fremont on my long-run when I was wrecked. And it was gorgeous.

Back-side of the Fremont loop...gorgeous.
And finally, Rotelle -- you know, the wheel pasta, adults (and children) can enjoy it, and it's delicious!

Rotelle with Bolognese.


Angela Knotts said...

I love your food/cooking posts. I cannot wait to cook every single day when we have a house again. (OK maybe not every day. But maybe!)

Biting Tongue said...

@Angela - I feel you. I was (and am) so excited to cook in our house when we got it back! Excited for you to do the same