April 2, 2019

Scuba Taper, Cabo Edition

Last week was a very mellow down week, running wise.  E & I had booked a long weekend dive trip with some friends in Cabo for the end of the week, so I knew I'd be minimizing my workouts.

Possibly the most picturesque surface interval we've had to date.
(Los Arcos, Cabo San Lucas)

Monday, I did some active recovery, post ORF half, doing the dozen core/strength routine for runners followed by strap stretching/mobility and shoulder rehab.  All told, it was over 90 minutes of good work and I was proud of myself, as I definitely tend to skimp on this stuff more often than not, and a post-race day when I wasn't going to get in any good running really is a great time to fit it in.

First night's sunset didn't suck.
Tuesday, I'd hoped to run, but my legs were still trashed from the half, so I did 3 easy miles of biking to and from a pre-trip pedicure, where the pedicurist commented on how tight my calf muscles were.

We did make the error of coming during 
college spring break.  Thankfully
early boat times and early bed
times protected us from most
of the chaos.  The room next
to us had college-aged boys
but they tended to get loud and
leave to party right around when
we went to sleep, so it
all worked out.
Wednesday, I'd hoped to wake early and get in a short run before we left, but, due to working late, it didn't happen, so I just spent the day traveling, with the associated airport walking, as well as walking to dinner on the property next door to our resort.

The Cabo San Lucas marina is very picturesque.
Also, several yachts with helicopters...

Thursday was a dive day on the Corridor (Gavilanes & Cabeza Gallena) with an early boat time.  When we were thirty minutes into the boat ride, almost at the dive site, someone pointed at 2 late-season humpback wales breaching and diving.  Our captain stopped the boat and we just enjoyed the view as they migrated, at one point, less than 100 feet off the boat.  I must say, this was a very unexpected benefit of this dive trip and totally awe-inspiring.  They are huge!  The amount of surface area of the ocean that they modify when they breach is insane -- they leave a clear area of smooth water from the surface tension changes of their movements that persists for several minutes as a contrast to the mini-perturbations in the undisturbed sea.

Pancho the sea lion has learned how to hop aboard inboard fishing boats and beg for/steal fish.
It was adorable to see, but like many taming of wildlife situations, also a little depressing...
Sadly, I'd stowed my phone for the transit to avoid water risk, so I was unable to get it out in time to take pictures when the whales were spotted.  That night, we walked the 1.5 miles home from the marina, and again walked to a nearby property for dinner.

We fit in a proper Mexican Arrachera spot *and* an Argentinian Parilla
(Spoiler, I'm still behind my red meat goals for the year...)
Friday was another dive day (North Wall to Pelican Rock (and back) & South Wall to Pelican Rock (and back)), requiring a walk to the marina early in the day.  It was a gorgeous day of diving, including seeing my first sea horse!  Friday night, we walked at least 3 miles in town after dinner and back home.

We tried to dive off Land's End, but the conditions were too rough,
so we just enjoyed the views and headed back to the wall.
Saturday was a decompression day, which was wonderful.  We slept in, and then I headed to the gym for a full set of drills, lunges, whatnot, followed by a treadmill workout at 1% incline of 2X5 min 7 seconds/mile faster than target 5K pace; followed by 3X3 min at the same pace, all with walking recovery for a total distance of 3.25 miles.

Post-workout relaxation with gorgeous views, 
a book, and delivered drinks and food!
Sunday, I'd hoped to go for a run outdoors (the gym was closed on Sundays), but Saturday's poolside relaxation had resulted in enough of a sunburn that I decided it was smarter to skip the run.

Monterey Bay welcoming us home.
(Side note -- we discussed diving here, and E & I agreed that at this point, we're just too wimpy to brave the cold.)

All told, I put in very little running last week, for a total of 15ish miles total on my feet, with only one true workout.  Unfortunately, I managed to bruise my heel walking around the resort barefoot on Saturday, so yesterday's run was cut short, and today I opted out of yoga when it became clear that balancing on that foot without a shoe was going to make it worse.  I'd originally hoped to get in a couple of easier workouts this week to sharpen up for Sunday's race, but some or all of those are now off the schedule.  Hopefully, 2 weeks isn't enough time to lose fitness, and I'll just benefit from the aggressive taper while my heel heals up before Sunday.

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