February 22, 2004

Joining the Popular Kids


You were designed to make sure that attorneys in
federal cases make reasonable inquiries into
fact or law before submitting pleadings,
motions, or other papers. You were a real
hardass in 1983, when you snuffed out all legal
creativity from federal proceedings and
embarassed well-meaning but overzealous
attorneys. You loosened up a bit in 1993, when
you began allowing plaintiffs to make
allegations in their complaints that are likely
to have evidenciary support after discovery,
and when you allowed a 21 day period for the
erring attorney to withdraw the errant motion.
Sure, you keep everything running on the up and
up, but it's clear that things would be a lot
more fun without you around.

Which Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Are You?
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Link thanks to Beanie, JCA, and Miscellaureous among others.

The rule fits. Back in the dot-com days, I once had a business card with the job title, "The Enforcer." Today, I made the obligatory appearance at a female friend's place so that when her ex-husband-to-be showed up to do their joint taxes, he'd know to make it snappy and leave without any trouble. My work is never done...

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