August 11, 2004

Final Week

My feedback lunch went well. They do love me (or at least my work). I'm already starting to get a little anxious about the frenzy of OCI and the pain of competing for a job next summer, so it was quite a relief to learn that at least I have one option, which I know I'd enjoy.

With the reality of my success this Summer comforting me, I started dropping gears for a smooth stop of work. Or I was until I finished my last piece of work yesterday evening. Unfortunately, my managing partner asked me to let him know if I finished all of my work.

So, I did. I am now the proud owner of a fairly complicated patent application with 3 days to write it, draft the drawings, and file it. Oh, make that 2.5 days.

Doable, but not the last week of summer relaxation I imagined.

At least I took time out for a long dinner with 5 friends at Viognier last night. The food was amazing (fancy, but not overly so, just fresh, delicious, and interesting combinations of spices). I had seared Ahi over udon noodles with mushrooms in dashi--it was good fusion (generally, I'm not a fan of fusion, so that's about the highest compliment I ever give it). The wine list was expensive, but immense and full of excellent selections. The ambience, however, was just plain weird. K called it, as usual, by saying, "it just feels like a fancy Denny's." Regardless, I stuffed myself and spent 3 hours at the table with friends.

I sure am going to miss having a paycheck that allows me to afford nice meals and a pseudo-job where I am taken out to nice meals (today's expedition is to a nearby brewery that serves food). On the other hand, the cheap food I can afford during school should at least slow the increase of stomach girth that has been yet another perk of my Summer Associate experience.

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