August 30, 2004

The Descent

The next 6 weeks should be an interesting experiment.

I have a 40 page brief for my moot court competition due in the next 4 weeks. The good news: we write it as a team. The bad news: we write it as a team. Then, there's about 60 hours of practice (not much of an exaggeration) before the actual moot court oral argument competition, which is a 4 day trip away from school. It'll be a blast and I'm looking forward to it, but the prep time is going to kick my butt.

I have journal duties including 2 hours a week of office hours, a cite check due in the next two weeks, and a source pull due the week following that. Theoretically, there's more to come immediately after the third week, but I'm not bothering to plan that far in advance, it's too overwhelming.

For appellate advocacy, I have a rough draft of another 40 page brief due within the next 4 weeks. This too, is team work, guaranteed to be simultaneously more rewarding and more frustrating than doing it alone.

Add the on-campus portion of OCI scattered over the next 5 weeks, and callbacks from the pre-law-school job search already scheduled into the same chunk of time, and well...

my commitment to golf is fading fast. It's a bummer too. E and I had been in pretty good habit of heading to the driving range one night a week and following it up with sushi.

The good news is, both the moot court competition and the bulk of OCI will be completed and done with in less than two months. Then I can re-emerge. 'Til then, I'm just going to do my best to get the extra-curricular and job search crap done as I must, stay on top of my regular classwork to the best of my abilities, do something athletic for at least 30 minutes 5 times a week, have some time to chill with E, eat reasonably well, and get enough sleep. You will note there is no dedication to a social life in that list. Bummer, but it's not like I couldn't see it coming.

Thank goodness I played so hard during summer. I'm almost happy to retreat to a life of anti-social academic pursuits. Almost.

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