September 1, 2004

Sigh of Relief

Wednesday is the toughest thing about this semester. Each week, I dread it and when it's passed, I breath a sigh of relief. I have to be out the door by 7:30 AM and I'm guaranteed to make it home by 7:30 PM assuming no extra work at school and no traffic (raaaiiiiiggghhhhhttt).

Thankfully, E and I put together a plan to deal with Wednesdays. For the rest of the semester, we will be going out to dinner immediately after I arrive home.

Restaurant Review

Tonight, we went to Amber India and ate ourselves silly on Papadum, Kadai Paneer (mmm... fried cheese), Sukhi Bindhi (E's got to get warmed up on Okra--we're headed back to the South for Labor Day weekend), and Kulfi Falooda (pistachio ice cream, of sorts, on top of a clear noodle concoction).

The restaurant is billed as one of the best Indian food restaurants in the Bay Area. I must say, we have to agree. Sure, it's no Saravana Bhavan, but they moved out of town. Plus, Saravana Bhavan was a different animal--an experience in true ethnic dining, with the feel of a diner, guaranteed that if you weren't Indian, you'd be oddly visible, and strictly South Indian vegetarian fare sans alcohol. Amber India, on the other hand, has tablecloths, linen napkins, servers in ties, and let's not forget the wine and beer list as well as a cocktail menu--nights like tonight a Kingfisher is a necessity with the spicy food. It's a BT&E recommendation if you get the chance.

After a long restful dinner full of converstion, I'm totally recovered from the day. One thing about law school that is nice: predictability. We can depend on Wednesdays sucking and use it as an excuse to go out. Stay tuned for more Silicon Valley Restaurant reviews, assuming I can find the time...

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