September 27, 2004

Slap Happy

The brief is off, via both email and airmail. It's a relief, but I'm exhausted and will be going to bed shortly.

One of the side effects of too little sleep in the final crunch to get the brief done is that while reading for class today, I laughed at words that seemed funny to me.

As in, I laughed, out loud, while reading "Federal Courts." Add this to the adventures in the law library and it's quite clear I need a life. Soon.

But 'til then, here are some word gems to keep you amused:

unwisdom. Not Kidding. Real Word. Wow.

denuded. Which I thought must mean "to clothe" or "cover up." You know, to remove the condition of nudity. Again, my linguistic aptitude rears it's ugly head.

And finally, last week, E and I had a nice little discussion of the term canon, and how a restaurant cannot join the "lunch-time canon." E retorted with a list of questionable uses for the word Canon, including the fact that Simpsons Halloween episodes are refered to as "non-canon." I argued that "canon" had some relation to literature and/or rules. Somehow, I lost. I think it was because the Simpsons community seemed to take E's side. Stupid sexy flanders.

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