August 19, 2004

Ready, Set...

All systems are definitely not go. Last year, I was in overdrive. This year, I've barely managed to start pushing the car down the hill and I'm praying for a jumpstart.

My dream laptop, which spent most of the summer in a blissful sleep, is oh-so-slowly downloading (18% and counting) the necessary packages to run linux on the other half of my recently partitioned (and resized) hard drive. I'm considering a love affair with partition magic and really want to kill the designers of the new and improved debian installer.

So far, I have no books for this year. I am, however, expecting a $3 check as payment for the $1000 of new books from last year that I sold back as used books. Seriously, though, if you want to get rid of your books and don't want to drag them to the bookstore only to find out they won't take them, take advantage of the oh-so-easy-to-do buyback at Barnes and Noble..

Otherwise, I'm just generally unprepared. My windows installation has no patches installed--guaranteed to get me all sorts of nasty computer STDs if I jack in or forget to turn off wireless. Do I really have the dedication to keep myself off the network for that long? Hardly. I've got the moot problem to research (was supposed to have a sense of the cases by tomorrow, haven't quite gotten started), books to buy on-line, after I go the book store and figure out which books they are, OCI firms to research, and a billion other things (or at least it feels like it).

Yup. Whether I'm ready or not, this frenzied feeling is telling me that 2L is definitely starting. Here's to hoping I catch up at some point. Wouldn't that be nice?

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