October 16, 2005

The Giant Artichoke

Yesterday, E, G & I drove down highway 1 to go to a wedding in Carmel. We passed a giant sign advertising "Deep Fried Artichokes." Lunch plans for the next day's drive back were clear.

So, today, we stopped at the roadside shack, only to find that they had frozen deep fried artichoke hearts. Not to be disappointed in our quest, we turned around, and pointed the car to Castroville, home of the artichoke festival, and the self-proclaimed "Artichoke Center of the World."

We figured we could order deep fried artichoke hearts at the restaurant next to the world's largest artichoke. We were correct. They were everything you'd expect them to be:


E put it best when he said, "They are good. But, it's not the life-altering experience I was hoping for."

In hindsight, 2 full orders ($7.95, roughly 15 hearts per order) with nothing except water was a bit much for 3 people. Now, I'm slowly moving, if at all, in a fried-food-induced tired state. Too bad I didn't get any studying done yesterday (run 12 miles, drive to Carmel, wedding) because the beer-batter in my belly makes today couch potato day. I have no choice. This stuff is powerful--we should tell the military.

Don't worry. I'll catch up on my school work one of these days...

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