October 28, 2005

Two Funny Things

Somehow, I managed to be in 16 units instead of 14 this semester without knowing it. You may wonder how I could do this. I do too. I think it had something to do with a plan back in May to drop one of my two unit classes after school started and I decided which one I liked better. Of course, I can't be sure because I didn't remember the plan...In fact, I probably wouldn't have noticed at all had I not done the sanity "Am I'm really going to graduate? Let's add up the units to be sure." check when I registered for next semester's classes. Oh well. No wonder I feel overwhelmed.

Also, Intel has put out a new set of ads that rougly belong in the category "entertainment in your lap." Apparently, you can see them as moving pictures on this gizmo called the television, so perhaps some of you are familiar. It was new to me, though. And I thought it failed pretty spectacularly. See them here.

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