October 2, 2005

A great weekend

Friday night was gourmet dinner with friends at a local greek restaurant. The waitress didn't like us so much, but we didn't like her either, so that was fair.

Saturday, in the theme of public transit and my life, BART made its best efforts to ruin my weekend (final score: bart $16; BT & E: 2 stations, 3 unvalued cards, and barely exiting one bart parking garage with our life). Finally, E and I admitted defeat and drove to the game.

But, the BART debacle must have bought me some karma because the game was a shutout. Sure, the QB made some errors and we looked a little sloppy, but it was fun to meet up with friends and enjoy the win. Given how long I've been a loyal fan of a losing team, I'll enjoy any win I can get, especially if it's followed by Mexican food and margaritas with college friends that I haven't seen in months. Priceless.

In one of the indicators that I'm no longer in college, I opted to leave after the restaurant closed to head home for an early Saturday night and lots of water before bed. Sometimes, it amazes me how my priorities have changed in the last decade. But, they have, and this morning, I experienced one of the reasons why. I willingly woke at 7 AM for a leisurely trip to pick up a friend, get coffee and drive to San Francisco. I was rewarded with one of those fabulous autumn summer days (yeah, you read that right) that almost make living in San Francisco seem like a reasonable option for someone who hates the fog. It was clear, blue, and [gasp] warm from 8 AM on.

CKD, J and I all showed up at the ferry building around 8:30 AM to take part in the Bridge to Bridge run.

In a simultaneously lazy and responsible act, I'd taken Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off of my feet and belatedly replaced the scheduled miles with 2 yoga workouts. It worked wonders. I felt energized, my knee wasn't the least bit sore, and despite starting in the very back and having to weave through the crowds, I managed to finish the 12K at a 9:01 pace. Plus, the route was roughly the same as the first half of the Nike race, so I now have a decent idea of what I'm in for next month: 6 miles of flat and gorgeous. (Before the hill at mile 7, but we won't talk about that right now.)

After the race and the inevitable waiting for transport, parking exits, etc., the boys joined us and we replaced all the burnt calories in a single guiltless brunch. After much laughter, food, and a mojito, I took a shower and a nap. In the interests of the story, I'll stop there and pretend it was the perfect weekend. (Read: I'm definitely not taking a break from necessary schoolwork right now. Perfect weekend. Perfect.)

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