May 20, 2007

Delirious Ramblings of a Stereotypical First-Year Lawyer

Since I started my practice of law, I've been able to avoid the multi-week push of unsustainable hours for the most part.

Every month, I tend to have a few days in a row of ridiculous hours, and a few other surprising random singleton days of unexpected madness when multiple clients have simultaneous emergencies, but really, I'm keeping it fairly balanced.

Except, of course, every two months or so, when I get on a big deal that owns the majority of my spare time for a week or two.

This time, the big hour-eating deal is also combined with the client list I've built up and all of their needs and the general increased level of business in the valley.

Which means, I've barely seen my husband and I've billed more this month in 20 days than I have in any month prior to this one.

Hence the lack of recipe, running, and introspection postings.

As far as recipes go, however, I will say that this morning's brunch of lemon cake with lemon icing, scrambled eggs, and Canadian Bacon was pretty damn good.

Of course, Canadian Bacon isn't anywhere as fatty, decadent and delicious as American bacon, but I think I'd only had it on pizza before. So, I have the bacon of the month club to thank for my first-hand knowledge and opinion.

Anyways, assuming I manage to find my way out of bed and the office this week and assuming I can fit in some miles for the run to which I've committed , then maybe I'll actually see what I can do to come up with a clever recipe for the remainder of the Canadian Bacon. Suggestions?

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