May 3, 2007

See, I'm not crazy

Ever since I started running half marathons, and particularly since I started thinking marathons were reasonable, I've had a ton of conversations with people who tell me I'm insane.

No doubt, they are right.

But not because I run.

If you listen to the Harvard Anthropology Department's take on human running, I'm just doing what my ancestors evolved to do. I'm almost entirely hairless. I sweat a lot. I'm a big mouth breather when I run. I'm like the poster-child for this hilarious picture. Except slower.

Also, yes, in case you were wondering, before I started running on a regular basis, I thought people who ran were insane. I also thought running couldn't possibly be good for you, all that repetitive loading... I have since changed my position. I feel like my body is in a better state of physical balance at this point in my life than at any other point in my athletic life. This is not to say I'm a better athlete than when I was 20. But I'm more balanced. I hurt less. And, historically speaking, the data shows that I've been less likely to get injured running than I ever was as a gymnast, diver, or soccer player.

(In fairness, I should add, however, that I don't know if I would feel as balanced if I didn't mix yoga with the running.)

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