January 21, 2008

It's the season

I have gotten back in contact with several friends recently and have come to learn that big changes are afoot.

Law firms are merging. Companies are going out of business. People are getting engaged. People are quitting their jobs for different opportunities.

I guess it's the new year.

Me. I'm still plugging along with my resolution: to roll with the punches and be more relaxed.

The latest internal revelation? In coding, they say, "write one to throw away." In literature, they say, "Just write. The craft is in the editing. And re-editing. And re-re-editing."

But in contracts? Well, the clients don't really want to hear that you wrote this one to throw away. Or that you just wrote. In that way, writing a first draft contract is actually harder than coding or writing: there is a small, but very real chance that the other side might just sign it.

You know, 'cause it's the season for change, and people are doing things to make things happen and all...

Is it really almost February of 2008? Crazy.

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