January 18, 2008

Roasted Winter Vegetables

I have been working too much. But learning quite a bit. And, really, what do you do when you are presented with an opportunity to work too much and learn quite a bit other than work and hope for respite.

So, here I am.

But damn. If you need a delicious, ridiculously healthy winter recipe, I recommend the following.


-1 carrot, halved lenthwise, and then quartered
-2 leeks, heavy green ends removed, and then quartered, parallel to the long axis
-1 bunch fennel, root end removed, and then sliced into 1/8 portions
-1 delicata squash, cut into quarters, seeds removed with a spoon
- 4 red radishes, slices into 1/8 inch slices with the root end removed
-1/2 stick butter
-3 leaves fresh sage

1. Pre-heat oven to 400F. Prep vegetables. Arrange them in a pan in a visually pretty arrangement, place in the oven for 10 minutes.
2. Melt butter over medium heat, add sage in torn leaves for 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat. Add a dusting of salt and mix evenly. Open oven and pour over vegetables.
3. Take the butter pan and coat with 2-3 times around the pan with olive oil. Add 2 T of balsamic vinegar. Mix the blend in the pan 'til evenly mixed and aromatic over medium heat. Open oven and pour over vegetables.
4. Roast vegetables for a total of almost 1 hour. Just below. Enjoy after 5 minutes cooling. Delicious!!!


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