January 13, 2008

My Sister

Fell, bouldering in Tahoe without a top-rope and broke her foot before landing in the freezing water almost 6 months ago.

Watched her boyfriend offer to drive her stick shift civic due to the foot that was broken and didn't stop him from crashing it into his parents' cabin, despite the gunning of the motor and the uncertainty between the clutch and brake because, he said he knew how to drive stick.

Is beautiful, beyond belief.

Was non-weight-bearing on her broken foot for 16 weeks.

At one point, became so frustrated that her 3rd cast just "fell off." Okay, so she took it off with a flathead screwdriver 12 hours after it was casted, but that's what she told the doctor...

Sings happy things as songs, just like me, like the song she left on my voicemail, after 6 months of rehab and casts.....

I, have, 2, *good* fee-eeet!.

Congrats to my sister, whom I love beyond my ability to express! Yay for happy feet!

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