November 7, 2008

E's Birthday

As R pointed out -- it sounds like E is 10.

I explained that I would have some time to chat on the phone this evening because it was E's birthday and I would be making gnocchi from scratch, topped with bolognese, followed by individual baked alaskas.

While I am doing this, the invitees will be playing video games.

After they eat, they will return to the same activity.

You might think I am frustrated with this, but the truth is, I love it. E is a simple man. He thinks my bolognese and gnocchi are acts of God and video games with friends are the highest level of pleasure available. How can you argue with that?

Especially if you are cooking the acts of god?


Anonymous said...

you may be the best wife, like, EVER.

Arvay said...

Happy birthday E!

Anonymous said...

awww... a, that's so sweet. You sound like you're fantastic in that category, too.

Unfortunately, as much as I wish it were true, I'm probably just normal. I've got my good points in the wifey category (which I'm proud of and blog about), but there's plenty of non-blogged stuff, like the irrational nits I pick, or how I insist on things like not just cooking and eating swiss chard (which E *HATES*, but also going through the effort of growing it...)