November 19, 2008

A present

Ray Bradbury's short story about the first tennis shoes of summer has always stuck with me, ever since reading Dandelion Wine in high school.

I just put on brand new running shoes and they feel so wonderful. I can feel why Ray was inspired to write his story. New shoes are the promise of so much possibility in the world. Bouncy. Fresh. New.

Now, I'm off for a gloriously late morning run before showing up devilishly late to work.

What a fabulous way to celebrate my dad's birthday!


Arvay said...

I just got new running shoes, too! :D

Anonymous said...

lots of bay area firms letting people go. are you afraid?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: In a word, no.

I've been laid off before. I was scared that time, but I shouldn't have been.

It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It gave me an opportunity to travel, do things I otherwise wouldn't do, etc. and afterwards, my career was better thought out.

We live well within our means and have plenty of savings, so getting laid off wouldn't be an immediate financial concern.

I do love my job, so I would be disappointed to lose it, but I understand that the law firm is a business and it only makes sense for them to pay me so long as they make a profit off of me.

For now, I believe I'm still a profit center for them, given my average billables, etc. but if that were to change, I'd start considering my next move so that if I did get the axe I had a plan ready to go.


Anonymous said...

yes perhaps it will be good...