January 25, 2009

Saturday Night Party at Our House

Last night, after a gloriously lazy day of sleeping in, dim sum with friends, reading on the couch, and a nap, I managed to get some semblance of motivation.

So, I went grocery shopping for the week and then did the Ashtanga primary series as led by the ridiculously freakily flexible David Swenson in our living room.

Damn, that's hard, yo. Someday. Maybe. Probably not, though. I've got a short torso and the whole jump your legs through your arms into a sitting position just doesn't work for me. Perhaps I need to work on it. We'll see.

Anyways, approximately 2 hours later, I was ready to make dinner. So I made a Lao-style yellow rice in a pot preparation from Hot, Salty, Sour, Sweet. I used venison instead of duck, but otherwise followed the wacky instructions and learned a new way of making a rice-based meat dish with spices. Mmmm... 7.5 cloves of garlic, 1 Tbsp of cracked black peppercorns, and 2 scallions split into a dinner for 2. I was surprised to find that we found it a bit bland, but perhaps that was because it called for very little else other than the small bits of meat, oil, garlic, peppercorns, turmeric, curry powder, fish sauce, and scallions other than quite a bit of rice and water.

Dinner was a hit, but next time it could use more salt and perhaps slightly more peppers (perhaps some minced fresh thai peppers should be added to the paste that is fried in the oil before adding the meat).

From there, we were done for the night. And we'd killed our netflix options by watching The Yakuza (AMAZING!) the night before.

What could we possibly do?

Oh, that's right, we could play Scrabble. And we did.

In case you were wondering:

-Wapaw is not a word.
-Saxany is a word.
-A good player in a two player game gets a score between 300 and 400 (or so says the instruction booklet).
-I lost to E -- 278 to 245.

Clearly, we need more Scrabble nights.


Arvay said...

7.5 cloves of garlic? Did it really say that?

Anonymous said...

[LOL] no. It was a recipe for 4 that called for 15 cloves.


Arvay said...

OK... haha... I was just thinking... I mean... you know? :)