December 16, 2009


Brother got a love letter recently. He shared it with me. I immediately sided with the girl:

Brother, you have to call her. At least to say hi. She bared her soul to you. She wrote you a *love letter.*

He responded quickly and effectively, in a manner I am beginning to recognize as a familial way (and perhaps one of the reasons I ended up as an attorney despite my efforts to the contrary):

Ummmmm... You don't get to tell me how to respond. A) I decided to share this with you, so you get to be quiet and say thank you for letting me know about what's going on in your life, not tell me how to deal with it. B) The last woman who wrote me a love letter -- I got a call from her husband after I responded to her. So your "always respond to a woman's love letter" plan has some flaws I happen to know about...


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