January 6, 2010

De-Anonymization Warning #2

A while back, I hinted that I may be joining the Freakishly Free Open Kids.

I asked for those who didn't want me to link to them in the event that my meat-space identity might hint at their identity to let me know they'd like to be removed.

But, I think what I'm actually going to do is remove all linked blogs.

I'll re-link you if you request it.

And I'd really like you to request it.

But as of today, in preparation for the potential un-masking, I have no linked blogs. Please help me fix that by asking to be linked.



Allen_Mroz said...

I will gladly link my friend

Cathy said...

I'd like linking please!

I'm all for privacy, but this strikes me as sort of an odd norm you're pursuing. I don't think there's any privacy expectation implied in a blog roll. If you put a blog out there, you're going to end up in blog rolls. You generally WANT to end up in blog rolls. You kind of have no business objecting to ending up in blog rolls...

I guess because you've linked to friends, and friends who may have also been anonymous in their blogs, you're sensing that if you become public, the congress between you also becomes more public.

But if you were starting your blog from scratch, would you feel you needed to ask people for permission before you added them to your blog roll? (Personally I never do. But then, my blog roll is a feed based on my RSS subscriptions. I only hide from it what *I'm* afraid people know I read...)

Biting Tongue said...


I think your second paragraph gets to my point.

In response to my last post, I did receive a couple of requests to be removed from people who fear the combination of being found through my known identity and the details they make available on their blog, they may loose their anonymity.


Arvay said...

Keep meeeeeeeeee!!!

The Enforcer said...

I'm all for the linking. I, too, have thought about revealing my identity. We'll see. For now, please keep me. I'm cool with it.