January 3, 2010

I am allergic

To dogs.

To everything with fur, really.

But Dogs are where it hurts me.

Puppies, this trip to my hometown.... Uggh... I must choose between cuddling the cuteness and hives. I hate it.

At my mom's house, her dog is generally well behaved. He leaves me alone. And she cleans vigorously. But still. I get asthmatic. Dog dander and my lungs are not a good combination.

This trip, however, I barely had any issues (particularly after the early AM runs).

I suspect this conversation explains it all:

[Mom, at the doggy groomers]: Please give her a good wash. Everything. The shampoo. The works. My daughter is coming for the holidays, and she is allergic...

[Groomer]: Oh... an allergic family member! I'm so sorry. Perhaps you'd like to opt into our Super Duper Vacuum the Dog's Dander after the Shampoo Treatment?

[Mom]: Oh? Really? You vacuum the dander? I bet my daughter would be happy about that. Please do...

[Mom]: Look at Merlin! He's never looked so clean, so shiny, so well groomed. He's never smelled so good!

[Me]: Happy to help! Seriously, thanks mom. I can already tell the difference.

And there you have it -- you can take your dog to the groomers to have it treated with some sort of dander vacuum to prep for the visit of allergic folks. Who knew?


Arvay said...

Vacuuming animals? Dan's already thought of that. Unfortunately, a certain angry rabbit highly disapproved.

Biting Tongue said...

LOL -- I love the idea of bunn attacking the vacuum!