January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

My plan was to drop brother at a party, enjoy a good meal with E, and to sleep my way into 2010.

I accomplished all of these things, and more, except the sleeping through.

First, we arrived to the growing threat of a party at T&H's construction lot and later, their current house. Brother's grin grew bigger with each new guest, and we smiled to leave him to what promised to be a huge party of his friends (many of whom haven't seen him in 6 months) in his honor.

As for the meal, I think BigDon may have intervened. We had reservations, but they were 6 blocks away and I was tired and without a coat. So, we called the nearest Italian restaurant to our hotel and were pleased to learn that they had room for us on no notice (of course, we were a bit early -- "yes, I would love a 6:45 PM reservation, thank you!"). The decor was modern and the smells delicious when we entered, but it was the appropriately decadent menu and the awesome people watching that really made the night of celebration.

Why yes, I would love to start my meal with a light appetizer of burratta and prosciutto di san daniele [Mmmmmm.... salty, fatty, goodness]

Wow -- I had no idea sequins were so popular right now!

I think I will have the hand made gnochi with chanterelles, lobster and truffle oil in a cream sauce

Talk about comfortable in your own skin ... don't look now, but at the table next to the party of men in suits and women in strapless dresses, there is a woman wearing a mu-mu that has a mustache...

And I will have the hand made pappardelle with beef sauce

As you can imagine, between the food's quality, good service, all the views, and the reasonable prices, we were having a lovely night. But then, (and this is where I think BigDon intervened) in walked the V's! We were thrilled for the opportunity to catch up with them before their meal, and then joined them when we were done to enjoy fun conversation about our families, friends, and the impending arrival of their new little one while they finished their dinners. What a coincidence! Of all the restaurants in the entire Sacramento area, even though they live in Folsom, they elected to dine early, downtown, at the restaurant we chose by nothing other than proximity to our hotel.

As promised, I was in bed and asleep long before midnight. I believe I put my book down and kissed E goodnight before 11 PM. So great!

At midnight, the revelry woke me so I could join E at the window and watch the fireworks over the capital building through our window with E's arm around my shoulder.

And then, I promptly returned to sleep to start the New Year this morning rested, relaxed, and with motivation to hit the gym bright and early.

Here's to 2010!

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chocapic said...

So you start 2010 sleepinnng?Is an intersting way!?
I dind go to a big party roo but I didn´t sleep.
Maybe now you are ready for 2010.YOu reload your energy sleeping and now you are ready yeah maybe XD

Happy New year