April 19, 2010

Fruits to Come

Sunday, after a fairly hard-core 9 miles with E2, I came home to garden obsessively alongside E, who built yet another garden box for our yard.

After 8+ hours of labor, we're done (more or less) with the summer garden planting.

Pictures will show up on Tech Law Garden once they are available, but in the meantime, let's celebrate that there are very few things in the world more exhausting than manually turning, shoveling, moving, and amending soil.

In other news, I expect to sleep well this week, and, I think this year's garden may be the best one yet!


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[No Nickname] said...

I have observed this extremely competent woman since her arrival, and can assure anyone interested in employing Tennille’s legal services you will no doubt be most pleased. She has always been known for her thoroughness and complete dedication to excellence (yes there have been a few exceptions… cleaning her bedroom) In addition from early on, she was and continues to be well versed and has always articulated with ease and competence, often taking you by surprise. Her amazing command of languages was obvious as early as 18 months of age. Then and now she effectively communicates in a very straight forward, honest manner where her do diligence is an asset that serves her and her clients well.

As her mother it was a challenge and an honor to parent such a certifiably gifted child. Today it is my blessing to be friends with this extremely competent woman. I KNOW … you WILL be pleased with her work.

Oh by the way her pickled green tomatoes are to die for!

Renee Hawkyard, ‘of course I’m the proud mom’

@Renee Hawkyard

[No Nickname] said...

Thanks Mom!