December 1, 2012

CIM Week 0

Well, tomorrow is the big (rainy and windy) day.

18 weeks, and a little of 500 miles, including 267 in the last 8 weeks.  Not a bad final result given that I felt like I was seriously off track just 5 weeks ago. Today, I did my last run in the drizzle: 0.3 easy, 1 mile at target MP (9:32), 4X100 strides and short jogging cool down for a total of 2.1 miles.

Even though I'm heavier than I'd like to be,  I'm healthy and I feel strong.  Today's run, the legs and body felt great and bouncy in that awesome fully tapered way.  It's such a blessing to be able to feel like this -- so alive.

Even so, given the weather, I'm not going out with my target pace group.

If it turns out the weather doesn't affect me too much, after the first few miles with the slower pace group, I'll up the pace to my original target (or something close to it) and just try to maintain it for the rest of the race.

The fact that I'd already decided I wasn't trying to PR this race has made it very easy to deal with the ridiculous weather.  My goal is to relax, have fun, finish, and (ideally) to run an even or a negative split race.  Like SarahOUaL, I just want to run a race I'm proud of.

Also, if my plan to borrow one works, I may run with a GoPro on my head to record the ridiculousness of the weather.

Have a great weekend, Everyone.

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