November 28, 2012

Moving Target

So, yesterday's track workout was great. Overcast. Cool. Nice easy warm-up. 5X400 in the 7:25 - 7:45/mile pace range with jogging 400s for recovery. Nice easy cool-down. My legs feel great. But the weather appears to have plans to slow me down. As of today, the forecast for CIM is suboptimal:

So, um, yeah. About that afore-mentioned pace goal of 4:10. I think I'll be calling that a *soft* goal and will continue to re-assess as necessary. If I actually do have to run in a torrential downpour, I think my goal will be just to finish and to run as much as I can without risking injury. In the meantime, I'm going to buy a parka and some throw-away sweats and keep hoping the "Atmospheric River" runs quickly through the region and clears out before Sunday AM.

Perhaps I'll end up going back to my plan to capitalize on CIM as a training run for another winter marathon after all...

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