November 11, 2012

CIM week -3

In the homestretch and this was the best running week I've had in long time.  Possibly the best in the last year.

I had a great interval workout, a solid mid-length pseudo progression run, and yesterday, a *beautiful* run with Jen.

Yesterday's weather report predicted AM showers, but it was wrong.  I arrived at Cesar Chavez Park to crisp, beautiful blue skies and clear views of the bay, the Golden Gate bridge, the Bay Bridge and the various parks and trails along the way.  I ran around the park twice to try to pre-load my run and I managed 2.87 before I saw Jen.  Then, we were off and babbling at each other for just a little over 2 hours.  We knocked out a steady (but more important *enjoyable*) 12 miles.

Despite never having met in person, we had tons to talk about and the time just flew by.  I haven't met a blog friend in the meat world in a very long time (not since 2006).  This was definitely the highlight of my week.

We split up at the very end and I closed out the last little bit to get myself to the total 15.  All told, I averaged 10:53, with the earlier miles on the faster side and the later ones relaxing into a more mellow pace.  This 15 was *so* much easier than the 15 two weeks ago. Pysically, but also, emotionally and mentally. Solo long runs are often hard for me to do. Running is supposed to be the thing I do to rest and recover from the stresses in my life, but some parts of the solo long runs may be contrary to that goal.  I'm thrilled to have a new running buddy.

Last night was E's birthday.  C's in town, so she offered to be my sous-chef and we made 3 lasagnas and a gigantic bowl of steamed broccoli.  With 10 people (11 if you count babyG), it was the largest sit down dinner we've ever hosted outside of family thanksgivings.  We replaced the coffee table with the kitchen table and the folding table in an L shape.  We used sheets for table cloths and mixed our kitchen chairs with an office chair and folding chairs. It was a great time and so much fun and I very much appreciate all of the folks who made an effort to join us on a Saturday evening.  I was very happy to give E a birthday party I know he enjoyed as his birthday present.  Major wife points for me!

And then, to cap it off, this morning, I drove over to L's at 8 AM and we knocked out 3 miles while chatting at an average pace of 9:27.  The ease of this AM's run the day after 15 miles plus a party of heavy food and wine was a big help to my confidence, which is *exactly* why I mucked with my training plan for CIM.

41.74 miles total this week (most this year), 6 consecutive days of running, and I'm feeling much, much better about the race.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for a great running week! Yesterday was so fun -- thanks for driving out to the East Bay so we could run together.

bt said...

Jen -- agreed. Yesterday was super fun. Thanks! Looking forward to next weekend.