November 9, 2012

Wacky Day

Yesterday was a wacky day.

I had to buy a typewriter to solve a random client emergency.  They still sell them at Office Max.

Because of the random client emergency, I didn't do nearly as much work as I'd like, so today is going to be an annoying Friday.  I'm *definitely* going to get my invoices out today.  The 9th is *much* later than I like to get them out, but sometimes work and life just get in the way and I just have to deal with it.

Given the work madness and the rain yesterday, I seriously considered bailing on my 8 mile run.  Finally, I made a deal with myself.  I'd go to the gym.  I'd do it on the treadmill.  And I wouldn't give myself any grief if I had to do some walking because getting the midweek 8 under my feet was important this close to the marathon.

Thanks to the audiobook Life, I was reasonably well entertained and I think it was a pretty good workout, even if it involved several pauses to walk to the water fountain and was much different than the 8 without stopping I'd imagined on our local trail.

1 @ 10 min/mile; 0.5% incline; bathroom break
1 @ 9:50/0.5
1 @ 9:41/0.5
0.1 @ 4.0/0.5 walk; water break
1 @ 9:31/0.5
1 @ 9:23/0.5
0.1@ 4.0/0.5 walk
0.25 @ 9:14/0.5
0.25 @ 9:05/0.5
0.3 @ 8:57/0.5; water break
0.25 @ 4.0/0.5 walk
1 @  8:57/0.5; water break
0.75 @ 3.5/1.0 walk

Total = 8 miles, in a weird, broken up progression run format.

When I got home, I was starving.  For red meat.  I like meat, but I tend to eat at least 50% vegetarian.  I don't intentionally space out my meat consumption on any schedule, I just eat it when it sounds good, which is much less often than it does for the average American.  For some reason, it must not have seemed remotely attractive in a while because when I did the mental check, I realized I hadn't had any animal protein since the lox bagel after my 20-miler on Sunday.  And, I hadn't had any red meat since, well, I actually couldn't remember.  It had probably been at least a week and a half.  So I called in an order for Thai pepper beef, Tom Yum with shrimp, and E and I devoured it with gusto.  Even so, I woke up this AM still starvin' like Marvin.  

Like I said, yesterday was a weird day.

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