November 25, 2012

CIM Week -1

This week did not go according to plan, but I think it'll be okay, in the end.

After some awesome intervals at the track on Tuesday, I started to feel like I might be getting shin splints.

So, I took Wednesday off entirely and bailed on my scheduled Turkey Trot, replacing that fun with watching the elites.

Lots of icing, compression socks, and hoping for the best.

I did 45 minutes of power yoga instead of my Thursday run. I'd forgotten just how many pushups are in a session of power yoga. My arms are still sore.

Friday, I tested my legs with a nice easy 3 miles at 9:34. They felt okay. But I iced again just to be sure.

Saturday, I woke bright and cheery with no pain in my legs, so I headed out for my last long run of the cycle, 1.7 to L's house @ 9:50; 4.87 with L @ 9:52; 1 @ 10:17 (ate my gel) to the track; and the last 1.32 @ an easy and sustainable 9:25. I walked a bit to cooldown for a total of 9.64 miles.

Today, I did 3 miles with E (the longest distance he's ever run): 9:50; 9:45; 9:07.  A little walking to cool down and the week is done.

Assuming the weather is okay, I feel fairly good about my plan to head out with the 4:10 group and a goal of running steady 9:30s for as long as I am able to do so.

The weather prediction is alternating between showers and overcast.  I'm just hoping it'll firm up on the overcast side of things by race day.

7 days to go.


Anonymous said...

I think you're all set! Glad the shin splints went away. Keeping my fingers crossed about the weather.

Biting Tongue said...

Thanks for the encouragement Jen. I'm very glad they went away as well! Hope I get a chance to see you before the start!