January 2, 2013

2012 Running Recap & 2013 Running Goals

1,224.09 miles and 10,167 since I started keeping track (mid-2004).  Less than 2011, more than 2009 or 2010.  Average, really.

2 5Ks.  One, a fun run at 27:00 flat on a nice flat course in Santa Clara.  Another, a Christmas run in Atlanta, complete with Santa hat.  E's first race, and he did great, running the entire thing, getting beaten by his 67 year old father, and surprising himself at how much warmer you can become in the sub-freezing weather with the help of some hills.  I stayed with S, and her baby stroller, and thanks to the hills, the 29:01 we completed felt like 27, in terms of effort. 

4 10Ks, but mainly for the events and not for racing.  Fastest was a fairly pedestrian (for me) 57:16 at the Fast Earthquakes Challenge. Slowest was the the Los Altos Hills Pathways 10K -- this hilly race is a killer. I've done it twice now, and both days were sunny and hot -- just finishing without walking was tough. I think I'm going to try to make this one a regular in the rotation. It's great for testing and pushing fitness in that bridge between spring and summer.

5 half marathons:
-slowest?  2:50ish at The Dirt Inspires Half in Aptos.
-fastest? 2:06:25 at the  San Jose Rock 'n Roll half marathon.

I was moping a bit, thinking it was the first year I hadn't run a half sub-2.  Turns out, my memory was playing tricks on me.  Thanks to my ridiculous data collection, I've confirmed that I've run one or more sub-2 halfs in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2011, but not 2009, 2010, or 2012 (and not for lack of trying in any of those years).  So, 2012 is in good company, and, thanks to 2011, I have proof that I can improve after some time in the slower zone!

2 marathons: (The Equinox Marathon in Fairbanks and CIM in all of its crazy weather glory.)

Overall, I'd call this a good running year.  Not amazingly great.  But definitely good.  I stayed healthy and made some new running friends.  I didn't quite meet my training or performance goals, but I didn't suffer any catastrophic misses either.  Overall, it was a good background theme to a great year in other areas, and for that, I'm supremely grateful.

For 2013, my running goals are not fully formed.  But, at the moment, I've got the following:

1. Get over this stupid sinus infection and complete the Phoenix Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon to the best of my abilities.  Shoot for a sub-2, but if it's clear that I'm just not healthy/fit enough for that to be possible, dial back and don't do anything stupid.

2.  Complete my 8 week training plan from McMillan Running for the LA Marathon.  (I'm *super* excited to do this bit.  A little bit like a kid, actually.  It's so nice to feel like someone else is in charge and I just have to follow directions).

3.  Complete the LA marathon as best I can.  I'm actually really excited to see what this looks like if I take 8 weeks to be dedicated to my training as recommended by an actual coach.

4.  Run the  SLO Half Marathon to support a) a friend of mine who is heading up her own TNT group to raise money in support of her good friend who died of Hodgkins Lymphoma; and b) (unexpectedly) to celebrate life in honor of my Gran, who died in SLO, just 4 days ago.  I'd very much hoped I could have visited Gran on the SLO half marathon trip, but it was not meant to be.  I will enjoy running in her honor and will smile at the fact that one of the last things she ever asked me was whether I'd "had a good run this morning -- the weather was just so gorgeous."  The dementia took much of her memories, which became more and more apparent with each visit, but somehow the fact that I liked to run (and always did in the AMs and described the runs and the weather each time I visited) stuck with her and was something that made it through on my last visit with her.  I'll cherish that memory of her clear request about my run, confirming that she knew who I was and cared about me and my life at the very end of her life forever.

5.  Run the  Great Wall Half Marathon.  No time goals here.  Just the experience.

6.  Coerce my husband into registering with me for (and hopefully winning spots in) the Peachtree Road Race. This is probably the most ambitious of all of my running goals for the year.  Wish me luck.  At least I've got his dad on my side...


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your Gran. It's amazing that she kept asking about your running, even with her dementia.

Good luck on your 2013 running goals! I'll be cheering for you -- and hopefully doing some long runs with you too. :) BTW, the Peachtree race -- a race in Atlanta in JULY?? You're crazy!! Sounds way worse than running CIM in a monsoon. haha

Arvay said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Gran, too. Wasn't she the one that informed you that your dad pulled weather for you?

bt said...

Thanks to both of you for the condolences.

And yes, Arvay -- good memory! Both Dad and Papa (My Dad's Dad and Gran's Husband) have been credited with pulling weather for me by Gran on important days (like my wedding, when it was 100% supposed to rain, but didn't). Now that she's with 'em I fully expect to have triple weather pulling power on my side!

Weather discussions are something I will always associate with my Dad, Papa, Gran and, oddly, in keeping with familial history, my brother. We never have a chat without discussing the weather for some reason.