August 20, 2004


While I wasn't ready to start school, it started anyways, and now I've got one week down with only one day of class behind me. Professor Evidence covered more in one hour than my summer-atrophied brain could comprehend. It was a brief taste of the "2nd year they work you to death" truism. I can believe it.

ProfessorB missed class, so A-Dog wrote the section of the student handbook that allows us to leave on the board with a note. Predictably, we all filtered out. H had the next class and later told me the story of how ProfessorB showed up, opened his books and set up shop at the podium. He looked at the board and said, "cute, guys," and then proceeded to begin class. Unfortunately, one of the students stopped him and told him that his class had been the previous hour. I think it would have been better to just let him go with it and duke it out when the real professor arrived.

I had many short, "Hi. How are you? How was your summer? Oh crap, I've got to go do X." conversations. Doing X involved lots of the little crap on my to do lists, but I'm feeling much more in control, which is nice.

Other than that, not much to report. School's got the same feel, but faster, and less unknown. Some of the more hard core students transferred out and up. Good for them. Could be good for us too, if their competitive drives are missing from the herd mentality, perhaps it'll be a kinder, gentler place. Who knows?

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