August 27, 2004

Where They Meet

The space where BT meets the human that writes for BT is weird. In general, I like writing and I enjoy the outlet that my blog offers. I like it so much that I'm bummed at the idea that I'd have to stop doing it.

Yesterday, S, a really nice girl from school, told me she read one of my posts and had imagined how it went down. She thought it was funny. I'm glad she was entertained. But she reminds me that I could negatively affect my career if my human name is ever associated with this blog. The only thing stopping people who figure me out is respect. And I suspect some of them don't read EVERYTHING I post (and how they could skip the long rambling incoherent stuff...I just don't know), so maybe they don't even know how much I wish to remain anonymous.

It's not that I'm ashamed of what I write here. It's that I'm very aware that small cogs in the machine are not supposed to have a voice. And, honestly, I'll probably start out as a small cog in a machine somewhere (more about OCI later). I'd like to keep the BT voice, if at all possible, but I suppose I'll just have to wait and see if that's possible.

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