May 11, 2005

Stream of consciousness from a summer associate trying to sponge it all in

Do I like this work? Is this work indicative of what I'd actually be doing as a first year associate?

Is that person really happy? They have to know I have no clue about this stuff. But they asked me to do it anyways. So, I guess I'll go learn it and do it.

Was that joke mean, or funny? Are these people happy? Do they really like each other? In humor is truth, and there are a lot of insults flying around under the guise of jokes. But it seems comfortable and friendly, not menacing. Am I missing something?

Is there enough work to go around? Is most of it interesting? Wait, maybe there's too much work so no one has time to give work to summer associates today? That girl was definitely here 'til all hours the night before, and the night before that, and last night, she mentioned something about driving home at 2...

Was she here 'til 2 AM last night because she wanted to be, because she had to be, or because that's just her gig? Is she on a one time deal, or is this standard and you just have to do it a few times a year if you work here? Would I mind? Would I get excited and actually like the hours? Would that be a problem for my relationship?

Did that missed typo destroy the partner's perception of everything else in the memo? Am I doing enough work? Am I bothering attorneys by asking them for work?

Could I be eating any more food?

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