June 25, 2006

Bar: I am so angry

There is no other way to describe it. I am ANGRY at the sample answers. I am ANGRY that my brain does not work like other people's. I am ANGRY that there seems to be some secret decoder ring telling people that even when the call of the question asks for A, B, and C, they should be sure to discuss Q, and avoid discussing Z.

I'm beginning to think that the Q's are just a list of issues that we are expected to memorize and find a way to discuss on the bar exam, regardless of what the questions ask for.

That's fine. Stupid, but fine. Gimme a list of stuff I'm supposed to discuss no matter what, tell me to fit it in to the best of my abilities on the given facts, and I can do that.

Unfortunately, this is only a suspicion, and nothing that has been confirmed. I'm compiling my own list, but it's slow going. And annoying.

Near as I can tell, the written portion really is just a test of memorization of the list of important topics, and not *really* a test of your knowledge of how the law applies to the facts (because at least half of the writing barbri seems to want is all about how the law doesn't apply to these facts).

Ugggh... I'm just so angry.

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