June 5, 2006

Bar: Oh, just shut up.

I had my first bar-induced freak out yesterday. Minor, but I definitely didn't handle the juggling of the 10th detail I was supposed to handling in my normal manner (which would be to simple forget whatever it was I was holding and set it down so I could go on an hour-long hunt for it later). Instead, I handed the telephone back to E and informed him that he could tell the person that I just couldn't handle what they were asking me to do just then. I didn't trust myself to do it nicely, as I'd already tried to subtly get the point across, but it didn't register. I was concerned that attempt #2 would result in me being a jerk (or rather, more of a jerk than I had already been), so I handed the phone to E.

In other news, BarBri apparently thinks it's reasonable to construct a 6 page outline and 8 page response (both single-spaced) to an evidence question that is supposed to take 1 hour.

Shut up barbri. No one can do that. No one.

All right. With that out of the way, I'm going to take my grumpy self back to evidence and hope that the next essay question is a little more reasonable.

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