July 3, 2006

Bar: kick me while I'm down, why don't ya?

I think I've established that I suck at the essays. I've got a plan that involves much outlining, many practice essays, and much reading of sample answers.

But I thought I could at least relax about the MBEs. Guess Again. I just graded a chunk of 50 PMBR questions. I was looking forward to the break. It was one of my favorite topics. One of my strengths.

Or so I thought.

Try 44%.

Not 44% wrong. 44% correct.

Looks like I won't be swapping out the multiple choice for more essays after all...

***UPDATE: I counted wrong. The good news is, I'm back in the comfort land of passing this subject. The bad news is, I've lost the ability to count and do simple math, and I'm clearly lacking the skill required to evaluate things that seem out of the ordinary and look for facts that would explain their existence. Which brings me back to why I suck at the essays...

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