June 20, 2007

A Milestone

Today, I took my very first contract that I wrote from scratch to our head IP partner for review.

Nervous does not begin to describe the feeling.

Ordinarily, I've got something to start with. A form from the other side. One of our form agreements.

But not this time.

This deal was weird. One of those unique combinations of technology, business, and founder eccentricities that lead you down a path of *free-drafting*.

I was shocked when the client said he liked the first draft. Particularly because we had several almost-arguments over how to structure it.

But he's just the client. It's good when he likes it, but really, the test was the partner.

Guess what? The managing partner of my group, who's been practicing law for almost as long as I have been alive, made 6 edits on my 7 page contract. 6 small edits.

Plus, he said, "good job." And, "Thanks."

I thought he was going to rip it to shreds. I was prepared. Steeled, even. It was going to be fine.

Instead, I had to deal with the shock that I may actually be starting to get the hang of this lawyer thing.

I'm still dealing.

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