June 10, 2007

Wayward Miles

Saturday, A and I headed out to one of our local parks for an 8 mile run in the hills to prep for the insanity of Double Dipsea.

Predictably, we got lost. We did almost 13 miles instead of the planned-for 8. Several of them were walking. Which is good, because I think we'll be doing quite a bit of walking on the double dip as well.

I'm sore today. The Garmin says we did 3160 ft of ascent and 3005 ft of descent. The double dip requires 4638 ft of ascent and roughly the same in descent. So, I imagine I'll be significantly more sore after that.

The only good news is that the highest point on our lost run was over 1600 ft and the highest point on the double dip is under 1400 ft. So we know there won't be elevation-related issues. All other issues, however, are wide open.

Oh, and since we got lost, I was late to my hair appointment. My stylist was not pleased. But she did, however, mention that she was doing the Relay for Life if I wanted to sponsor her.

I had made her wait because I was running. She was running a race and looking for sponsors. The beneficiary is the American Cancer Society and they would make your donation in the honor of a lost loved one to cancer or a survivor. Needless to say, I left the hair salon with a significantly lighter wallet than I intended.

But I'm glad.

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