June 16, 2007

Permission to relax

I've been exhausted lately. Getting up in the morning for my AM runs has been quite difficult. I just want to lay in bed and get another hour of sleep. Mind you, I still get up, and I go, because I'm insane and I'd signed up for double dipsea.

But Thursday at BBQ, I found out that a good friend, P, is getting married on June 23. In Vancouver. Without family in attendance. This is good news. He and his girlfriend F, have had immigration issues that have prevented them from living in the same country since they've been together. He moved there for a long stretch to ensure they were compatible. She's come for many visits. But they couldn't truly, legally live in the same country while leading a normal life.

Apparently, some government official managing greencard appplications to file an application (I'm not making that part up) decided to fast track non-UK citizens who received their college education degree in the US. Or something like that. P was only born in the UK and speaks with a British accent, but he's not a citizen. And he has a degree in CS from UT Austin. So, much to his surprise, he's in the fast track.

Long story short, P has to be married to F, quickfast, before he files his fast-tracked application, if they want to be able to legally live in the US together.

Hence, E and I will be flying to Canada to witness a very small backyard wedding next weekend. I'm so excited for P & F. I'm also thrilled that I will finally be going to Canada. Every time I've tried to go, something has gone wrong and I haven't been able to go. I was partially convinced that Canada was a myth. You know, like a painting at the Northern edge of the US. P assures me that it's real, and that E and I will like our weekend in Vancouver.

The second bonus is that because I'll be in Vancouver, I'm not going to be able to do double dipsea. I've given myself permission to be lazy until we return. If I want to run, great. But if not, like this AM, then I've given myself permission to stay in and relax. Blog. Plan travel.

Sure, after a week of lazy, I'll be in worse shape when I start really training for the SF half. But, I'm hoping by giving permission to laze through a low mileage week, I'll be more motivated after the time off. I'll let you know how that works out.

P.S. any food or site-seeing suggestions for Vancouver?

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