February 11, 2009

The Weirdest Thing About Being Able to See

Is how often I think... Oh shit, I need to take my contacts out.

I think it when my eyes are itchy (umm... post surgery?).

I think it when my eyes are tired (umm... post busy day as a lawyer at the computer?).

I think it when I see halos as I drive home (umm... standard side effect of Lasik?).

I think it when I go to chop onions, peppers, or garlic (umm... this is reflex. It only takes once of trying to take out contacts post habanero handling to learn this one, and to learn it good).

I wonder when I will realize I can see because I can see, not because of contacts...


teahouse said...

Hahahaha...I was told I'd be a poor candidate for laser eye surgery since I have astigmatism. Too bad for me!

[No Nickname] said...

dude, my minor astigmatism got fixed no problem. You should ask again.