February 26, 2009


I've got a new standing weekly appointment with a friend.

We speak spanish and hang out and try to improve our language skills. Hers, class-room trained, mine, derived from other romance language knowledge, vacations in Spanish speaking countries, teach-yourself spanish books & CDs, pimsleur CDs, and just day-to-day living in California.

Tonight we made dinner and talked about life, work, school, our respective gardening efforts and preparing the dinner. This process taught me the following words (which resulted in much time spent looking words up and delaying dinner):

-el tallo (stem -- as in the part you take off from the harvested arugula)
-la carne de venado (venison -- good to know. 'Specially if you will be serving it to Spanish speaking guests)
-el aceite (oil -- ignore the false cognate to acid/vinegar...)
-el vinagre (vinegar)
-la hoja (leaf, the part you keep from the harvested arugula)
-la cucharada (tablespoonful)
-la cucharadita (teaspoonful)
-mezclar (to blend)
-el chalote (shallot)
-la semilla (seed)
-brotar (to sprout)
-el jardín (garden)

What a great way to spend an evening.

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