March 30, 2012

The Little Things

It's the end of the fiscal quarter, so, of course, my work is a madhouse. I've let my sleep, exercise, and eating patterns regress each day for about a month now.

So, today, after E headed out for a 6:30 AM flight, I decided I, too, could have some discipline and made some time for Bikram yoga. It was my first time back in the studio in 4 weeks, and, as I expected it was ridiculously hard.

We had a visiting instructor from Bikram Yoga Harlem, Derrek, and he ran a tough, hot class. As I always do, I felt great afterward, and I walked out of the room with a renewed commitment to taking care of myself.

After class, I spoke with Fernanda, a visiting teacher from a Bikram studio in Mexico city. She and her son are here for 12 days, visiting her sister's family, and her daughter who is doing her Junior Year as an exchange student at a local high school.

When I asked how her daughter was enjoying her time in California, she said,

Well, it's just such a wonderful experience for her. To be in high school and to be safe to walk and bike everywhere? It's so much independence. So she's very much enjoying the freedom to walk and bike and to not to have to rely upon someone to drive her everywhere.

A much needed perspective.

I may think there are stressful events in my life. But really? Not so much.

I am very lucky to live in a very safe part of the world and I have no excuse if I don't make the most of that safety.

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