November 17, 2013

Lazy Saturday at Home

For the first time in a long time, E and I had a lazy Saturday at home.  It was fabulous.

I woke, had my coffee and made some juice, piddled around the Internet, and met up with F for the last 6+ miles of her last long run before CIM.  It was the longest run I'd done since my last long run (back in September!) before dropping out of SJ RNR, and it felt good to finally get in something more than 6 miles in one effort (although I took the stairs up and down the bridge while she ran the ramps, and I had to make an emergency restroom break, so, technically, I got a few short rests, which were very helpful).

She is so ready, I'm very excited to go cheer her on in a few weeks at CIM (anyone else need me to keep an eye out and/or be waiting with a sign, fuel, liquid?  Just say the word.)

After I cleaned up, E and I headed downtown for a lazy mediterranean lunch in the direct sun on the main street -- the temperatures are cool enough now that the sun felt absolutely wonderful on my face and hands.  The sky was blue, the leaves were orange and red and yellow -- it was a perfect Fall day.  We smiled and laughed and passed the time people watching while sipping wine and picking our way through too much food.  We took home leftovers with a plan of eating them for dinner with salad.

The late afternoon was a collection of some work for both of us.  Nothing that absolutely had to be done, but we each tended to things that felt good to get out of the way before the deadlines loomed.  Some phone calls.  An hour or two of drafting for me.  We visited E's new lab and the new office where the company will be moving in a bit -- Both looked great.  It felt so great to get ahead of things without the frenetic pressure to finish on time.

For the evening's entertainment, I was struck with inspiration.  Instead of leftovers and salad, we agreed we would order a pizza and watch The Hunt For the Red October (Alec Baldwin is such a young man in this movie!).

Apparently, the last pizza we'd ordered had been back in September of 2012 (no wonder I was so excited about this plan).  Unfortunately, our goto pizza joint had closed.  E seemed to remember that he'd managed to find their replacement, owned by the same folks last time, so we spent quite some time confirming that, sadly, yes, it had closed completely and there was no verifiable successor.

The next hour was evaluating all of our alternate options and trying to order pizzas on horribly ineffectual web interfaces.  For example, one option took 3 attempts to get the order expensive enough to qualify for delivery (at least 15 minutes because you couldn't edit an order to move a pizza from small to medium, you actually had to start over, pick medium and then pick all of your toppings), and then, after three attempts, when we finally had the order at the correct price point, we were informed that they don't deliver Pizza on the weekends.  Who doesn't deliver pizza on the weekends?  Why do I think this joint is going to go out of business soon (if they haven't already)?

Finally, we stumbled upon Mountain Mike's web interface -- you can select toppings by each half!  Done.

We started the movie.  The pizza was delivered and was delicious in the way that only guilty pleasure food can be.  And, predictably, I fell asleep halfway through the movie.

I slept 12 hours.

That, my friends, is an awesomely lazy day.   


FL said...

Great run and so nice to have company on those long ones! Very happy that you will be there to cheer me on for CIM! Can't wait to do this! If there's anyone I could be pacing with for the race let me know!

Biting Tongue said...

@FL -- I've asked around and all the folks I know are either *much* slower than your or crazy speedy 3:30ish or faster including a 3:0Xer. You'll just have to make friends.

Angela Knotts said...

Yeah, Hunt for Red October! That movie rocks. :)