August 9, 2014


I'm finally edging back into the foreign territory of true high-volume (for me) weeks.

Trail Running with E2 - took a spill, but no real damage.

After tomorrow, I will have run 6 days with week, including 25 miles in the last 3 days: 5 yesterday, 15ish today, and 5 tomorrow (postscript -- it happened, achievement unlocked!).  The total weekly mileage is still a bit low, but 25 in 3 days is definitely a milestone for me -- this is the obvious transition to stacked workouts that I only do for marathons.  And it's been a while (I haven't done a marathon since April of 2013).

Today's long run (the first over the half marathon threshhold in a very long while) went relatively well.  I was solo and it was hotter than expected, but I brought money and bought a cold water and a gatorade about half-way through, so I was in somewhat decent shape despite the challenge of sun and heat.  I ran the last 1.5 miles to a G's house hard, which I was proud of.  Of course, then I found I couldn't really rally very well for the last 3 miles with her.  We did 2 1-mile intervals quite slowly and walked the rest, but she was kind enough to stay with me despite my flagging pace.  Total mileage: 14.33.  Close enough.

After my shower (which I had to take at G's house thanks to the gas leak caused by our kitchen remodel -- no hot water 'til it's fixed, fun!), E & I and G & C headed to brunch.

We went to one of our local favorites.  I'd felt a little weak and woozy since the run's end, which I was slowly remembering from previous high-volume hot runs as an unfortunate side effect of marathon training.

Our drinks came, and I asked E if I could have the pickle from his bloody mary.

OH MY GOODNESS!  With the first bite I had this primordial awakening of satisfaction.  Literally -- whereas before I'd been weak and a bit unsure of what I needed, all of a sudden my body jolted upright full of energy -- it was so clear.  MORE OF THE PICKLES!  It was such a sensation of pleasure and need.   I had forgotten just how amazing pickles can be (and this one was slightly spicy, which made it even better).  I'm a very salty sweater, and, the pickle reminded me of one of those high-volume lessons I'd forgotten -- when I'm woozy post long run, it's often 'cause I need salt.  So, I ordered a side of the pickles, and they were some of the most amazing things I've eaten.  Ever.

Then came the house made salted soft pretzels.  With mustard.  Mmmm... carbs and salt and radish flavors and salt...some of the most flavorful foods to have ever passed my lips.

My water with lemon was too delicious to be something as simple as ice water with a wedge of lemon and my beer tasted like pure heaven.

In 15 minutes, I'd transformed from a post-run zombie to a Life-Is-Beautiful caricature.

By the time my entree came, I'd completely remembered the amazing upside of high-volume training.  My first bite of the burger and truffle fries confirmed it -- Pure ecstasy of fat and carbs and salt and pepper and oh-my-goodness-why-does-this-taste-so-amazing?

Food doesn't seem like it should be able to taste as good as it tastes when you are high-volume running hungry.  But it does!

Run happy!

(Postscript - today's trail run with E2 was awesome.  We ran to the "Top of the World" under the Santa Cruz Fog and back down, plus a little bit more to hit the required 5 miles.  She set the pace and I dragged -- it was the longest run she'd done in over 3 years, which is so great.  I love getting my running buddy back after such a long hiatus.  As the picture at the top shows, I took a spill.  But truly, it was fine.  I've been very bad about stretching for at least the last year.  I've only been to yoga a few times and haven't done much on my own.  Saturday, post long run, and then again on Sunday AM before our run, I actually did some legitimate stretching.  Good thing, too!  Those scabs are the result of a trip and an attempted recovery that resulted in my water going over the edge and my front leg sliding forward while my knee slid backwards and I landed in a right leg split.  Hurray for recent stretching!  I jumped up.  E recovered my sunglasses and we finished the run.  No harm, no foul.)

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