March 3, 2004

10 little monkeys, jumping on the bed...

I think I'm the one that fell off and broke my head.

But, my brief re-write is done. My professor gave me the best feedback I could ask for:

This is EXACTLY what I wanted to see. Good Job.

Finally, some positive feedback. Jeez.

Tomorrow, I get to drop the latest version with my TA for the minutia check. If all goes well, I'll only have a few commas and spaces to fix before that item is OFF THE LIST.

Either way, it's out of my hands for tomorrow, so I'll get to go for a long run, take care of other crap on the to-do list, eat a decent dinner with E and pretend to be a human for one night.

Then, it's back to the grind 'til Friday because I have grandiose plans this weekend involving dinner at home with friends one night, a black-tie affaire another night, a goodbye brunch for a friend who's moving to London, and an all-day after-the-black-tie-party barbeque. I can hardly wait.

Also, the sun has returned. Suddenly, life is much better.

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