March 9, 2004

Spring Is Here

Our Apricot tree is blooming. Each of those several thousand flowers will turn into an apricot. Most of them will fall to the ground and partially rot before we pick them up. But, a few will make it into chutneys, salsa, desserts and other spring goodness. Outdoors just smells better these days. The latest issue of food and wine arrived laden with salad, lamb, fish, and citrus dessert recipes.

The sun was out all day today. It still is. It's getting darker later, which means that barbeque season is on its way (yes, I'm getting ahead of spring and almost into summer with that one, but barbeques are one of the greatest things in the world).

One of my professors even recognized the beauty of spring and canceled class today. Another professor planned ahead and made us do extra hours the last few weeks so that we don't have any more class 'til after spring break. In other words, I only have 4 hours of class and 72 hours total until I'm on a plane headed for my well-earned week as a drunken tropical beach sloth.

Now, if only I could finish the reading for tomorrow instead of staring out the window at the springtime.

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