March 28, 2004


Well, my last weekend of freedom has passed. I'm left with end-of-1L-activities and one weekend of outlining per course before finals.

I used my freedom well. Friday night, I stayed near school and hung out with a group of law students. I had fun, met some new people and got to know some others a little better. By the time I got home, E had already taken off for the weekend to go hang out with some friends. I suspect that my announcement that the one visitor I'd planned for Saturday day and night had grown into a party of 5 of my childhood/college friends had something to do with E's exodus. E's smart.

So, the 5 of us languished the day away with stupidity, old jokes, repeating our favorite stories about the people we all know, laughter, good discussions, wine, gorgeous weather, margaritas, chips, caprese, brownies, chicken and potatos, a movie, tea, and one of my faster friends even slowed down to my pace so we could go for a run together this morning. After the last friend drove away, I grudgingly turned to my tax code.

200 flashcards later, I heard water running in the bathroom. E was doing laundry... uh-oh.

Yup, that's right. The countdown to the end of my 1L year officially begins with a plumber at our house at 8 PM on a Sunday night. Well, I suppose it has nowhere but up to go from here...

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