November 1, 2004

It's a Hell of a Town

L decided to move back to the bay area. Generally, I'm happy when my friends move so that they are closer to me (truth be told, I'm almost as happy when they move to be farther, but choose a really cool place where I can visit and have a place to stay). But L, he's one of those ridiculously multi-talented freaks. He studied at both the California Culinary Academy as well as MIT. He also happens to be one of those amazingly cool, extremely worldly multi-linguists. All 2 of my readers should know me well enough to realize that anyone with L's qualities is the kind of person BT would really like to hang out with. So, I'm stoked he's moving back.

Anyways, I made plans to meet him for lunch today at one of the tres chic deli/cafe/gardens nestled in the food enclave of Hayes Valley. After morning classes, I crammed my books into my locker and headed out, my arms light without the weight of the multiple bags I've been lugging around lately.

The day was clear, and I walked leisurely, enjoying the view of city hall, the opera, the symphony, and the random hearts (okay, so the hearts annoy me, but it's for a good cause. And they're hearts. So it's not like I can speak ill of them without sounding like an ogre.)

Eventually, I met up with L. We caught up on what had happened to each other as well as our mutual acquaintances, and savored our oh-so-food-capital-of-california sandwiches (panini-grilled sourdough with sage, roasted portobellos and gruyere). From there, we walked a bit and ended up in a french cafe. Somehow, despite feeling caught up, we talked another 30 minutes over coffee and pastries.

I arrived back at school to find that I'd taken a 2.5 hour lunch. It felt like an eternity. I spent time in the city that the tourists come for, the walk, the food, the views--it was amazing. Also, I had conversations that people who aren't in the first semester of 2L have at long lunches with their friends.

It was good to visit. I've got plans to go back just as soon as I finish chemerinsky, my oral argument preparation for ap ad, my outlines...

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