November 8, 2004


A UC Hastings student organization (Hastings Christian Fellowship) is suing the school because the school will not fund them unless they sign the anti-discrimination policy, which states that the organization will not discriminate on the basis of religion or sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, HCF is of the opinion that requiring the group to sign the non-discrimination policy is discrimination.

HCF's complaint is filled with all sorts of interesting blather, including the choice quote on page 5, which states:

A person who engages in homosexual conduct or adheres to the viewpont that homosexual conduct is not sinful would not be permitted to become a member or serve as an HCF officer. A person who may have engaged in homosexual activity in the past but has repented of that conduct, or who has homosexual inclinations but does not engage in or affirm homosexual conduct, would not be prevented from becoming a member or serving as an officer.

A few questions:

1. Really? You think a publicly funded university should give you money and resources so that you can exclude people on the basis of their sexual orientation?

2. San Francisco? You figured the best place to bring this suit (because it's funded by two national christian activist groups) was San Francisco? California?

3. When the hell are you going to serve the school with the complaint? Apparently, Hastings is refraining from public comment until they actually receive the complaint, and although it was filed on October 21, the school hasn't received anything as of yet.

4. If it's that important to your organization to discriminate on the basis of religion and sexual orientation, why not forgo the $230 in funding you would have received had you signed the policy, and ask the national orgs to pony down the legal fees they'd save when you abandon your suit. With that kind of dough, you can hold your meetings in the swankest mason lodge money can rent. I'm sure they'd be happy to let you discriminate.

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