November 3, 2004


The mood at school today was what you would expect for a very blue city in the biggest blue state in the nation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a little skeeved out about fundamentalist religious freaks being appointed to the Supreme Court, and I'm annoyed that Bush doesn't seem to have a basic understanding of economics. But, perhaps I'm used to "losing" elections because when you have a set of values like mine, you don't align with any candidate, ever. Whenever I vote, I'm compromising some of my values at the expense of others. I shudder to think that most people actually endorse EVERY position of the politicians they vote for. Think for yourself, people!

But, truly, the big picture is that the world will keep on spinning and the day-to-day fundamentals of my life are fairly isolated from the president.

This reality seems to have escaped many of my fellow students as evidenced by quotes I actually heard today:

If this keeps up for another four years, there will be a revolution!

I'm going to have to move. I just can't stand to live in this country anymore.

We should just secede.

Are you kidding, if California tries to secede, they'll just blow us to smithereens. You think Falloujah is bad, it's nothing compared to what they'll do to San Francisco!

RIGHT! Of Course! You all sound so reasonable, well-thought out, and intelligent. (Okay, I'll give one to the "I'm going to have to move" dude. If you really need to move, go for it. I've got back-up plans for Australia if this country ever goes completely to shit. But, people, go travel! We are so far from hell, and you have NO idea!)

Honestly, I'm embarassed to have voted for the same candidate as these people. I don't join parties specifically because I'm scared to be associated with their wackos. But, in theory, the law students of a particular party should be some of the better educated and less ridiculous. So much for theory.

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned moderation?

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